Husqvarna Automower evaluation part 8 – A Tesla for Your garden

After several months with the Automower it’s time to look back as well as take stock. however very first right here are a couple of things we’ve not covered yet.

Running costs & Battery Replacement

The handbook quotes the Husqvarna 430X Automower power usage at 30 W during cutting and also quotes a ‘mean energy usage at maximum use’ of 20 kWh/month in a 3,200 m2 working area.

To inspect this I measuring the power utilized while the mower was charging as well as got 97 Watts – lets phone call it 100. Worst situation situation running 24/7 the mower will be charging 8 hours a day. So 0.8 kWh each day or around 25 kWh per month. A bit higher than the handbook says, however not far away. The Base station likewise creates a voltage for the limit as well as guide wires so lets state the worst situation situation may be around 30 kWh per month.

In an 8 month cutting season (March to October) the electrical energy for the Automower should cost (30 x £0.1343) x 8 – Approx £32.00 per year.  If you have a home with a Solar PV variety then the daylight cutting must essentially be free.

By comparison we utilized 2 to 3 fills of our 5 gallon petrol can each cutting season with the ride-on, which would currently expense around £50 to £75.

We asked Husqvarna exactly how long the battery must last as well as exactly how much it costs to replace the special 18 V/5.2 Ah Li-ion cells and they told us…

The typical battery life in years is 3, with the replacement expense for a 430X being £178

While there’s this costs plus the replacement blades to think about in the calculations, it’s most likely a lot more than balance out by the servicing as well as other consumables you’ll requirement for your fossil powered mower and all its ICE inefficiencies.

Will I offer the Ride-on?

Even though I’ve barely utilized it all summer I’ll most likely hang on to my ride-on for now, however I’d state I might absolutely offer it. I’d still requirement a little walk-behind mower to do the roadside verge as well as a couple of other areas when a month or so though.

Things I’ve learnt

The only 2 problems I have with the Automower stay the danger of theft as well as the truth that I feel app manage must be included as basic across the range.

Also while a lot of of these models are aimed at taking care of big lawns, I recon great deals a lot more people with routine sized gardens would like to take advantage of Husqvarna’s tech. hectic single parents that have no time, the disabled as well as the elderly etc might all benefit.

If you are thinking about getting an automower you can get a beneficial approximation of your gardens area utilizing the ruler tool to draw a box around your yard on Google My Maps.

If we were building once again I’d absolutely be planning our garden a bit much better with the Automower in mind, making sure there were routes that the maker might quickly comply with to all areas. If you are a self-builder I’d highly recommend you do this, even if you don’t really seed your yard or get the mower for a few years.

I would likewise strongly suggest you utilize your regional dealership to set up the machine. The advantages of their understanding as well as experience will be well worth it.

El veredicto

Having bought two of their ride-ons already Husqvarna was a brand I trusted before this whole experiment started. However the only other robots I’ve had as much as now were a couple of vacuum cleaners that were less than impressive, so I honestly wondered if this machine could online as much as its promise. So frequently these days innovation can be a let down, the genuine experience seldom lives as much as the advertising hype as well as purchasers remorse swiftly sets in.

But the Automower does not autumn into that category.

I can’t comment on any type of other make of robot mower, however the Husqvarna is a really amazing maker which provides you that a person thing you cannot get –  time.

Even a lot more excellent is that truth that the robot really does a much better task than you can. Our garden has never looked much better as well as what was when a moss-riden grassy area is now a rich looking neatly cropped lawn.

The Automower is like having a Tesla for you garden. as well as it’s not just one of those dumb electric mowers you’ve got to walk behind as well as steer, it’s got Autopilot. While the northern Irish summertime has been a bit of a let down once again this year, it’s genuinely been a summertime of like with our Automower.

All this indicates the Husqvarna Automower deservedly becomes just the 6th product to get the Automated house top tech award in our 20 years on the web.

A big say thanks to you to Husqvarna for the chance to take part in the Automower difficulty as well as to our dealer Moore Horticulture for all their assist as well as expertise. Here’s our final video…#


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